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Our Story

In 2006, several customers came to us and explained their situation.  All knew us as their IT or Association Software provider, but they did not want to BUY technology, hire staff and keep new staff trained.  What they needed was help.  Help when the event coordinator went out on leave, when there was a membership department change, or using their management system for them when they were under deadline.  Often the need was with their online member service offerings.  Each of the initial customers had a little different need, but it all came down to a combination of staffing and technology.  We listened to their needs, and put together Innovative Association Services.  Our Mission is to provide staff and technology solutions to keep your members engaged and happy.

Initially providing a range of staffing from meeting registrar, IT directors, and membership coordinators, we have expanded to include CFO and Executive Director level staffing on an interim or ongoing basis.  As the world evolved – we innovated more.  We quickly realized that beyond the people, managing the engagement of the members needed some nimble technology products.  

Our innovations have continued.  We created our management product – Ohana in 2009.  Originally to serve small volunteer groups who needed website management, Ohana has expanded to be a web based management system, ecommerce and private social network.  Beyond volunteer groups, it now provides a wide range of large organizations with group collaboration tools, forums, document libraries and so much more.

So whatever your needs are – give us a call.  We would love to innovate a new solution that matched just what you need for your organization and budget.